Council Updates

CC13.2 – Ontario-Toronto New Deal Agreement

City Council approved in principle the Ontario-Toronto New Deal Working Group Term Sheet. At Councillor Saxe’s request, the mayor made some amendments to Council’s approval of the deal in order to protect the TTC’s bargaining position in future negotiations, especially in relation to Presto. City Council also requested the federal government be a full partner in the New Deal and underscored the need for federal shelter funding for refugees and asylum seekers.

IE9.5 – Proposed Building Emissions Performance Reporting By-Law

With strong support from Councillor Saxe, City Council adopted a new bylaw requiring large buildings to report their building’s climate pollution to the City, as well as to the province, starting January 1, 2024. Municipal Code Chapter 367, Building Emissions Performance, is an important first step towards mandatory emission performance standards for existing buildings, Toronto’s largest source of climate pollution. Due to a motion by Councillor Saxe, Council also directed the City Solicitor to propose measures that the City of Toronto can take to significantly reduce or eliminate the use of natural gas or oil as the primary energy source for appliances, space heating or water heating in Toronto.

EC8.4 – Toronto Youth Job Corps 2024 – 2028

The Executive Director, Social Development, Finance and Administration is to administer a federal subsidy of over $15,000,000 through Social Development Canada for a Toronto Youth Jobs Corps for four years beginning in May 2024. Councillor Saxe added direction to staff to look for opportunities to prepare youth for the new climate economy. Provisions are made to receive and expend funds through the annual budget process.

EC8.13 – Night Economy Review

Recommended amendments to Chapter 545 were made for the licensing of bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The motion takes steps to simplify and clarify rules for night economy businesses while balancing noise concerns of nearby residents.

IE9.3 – Update and Action Plan on the Single-Use and Takeaway Items Reduction

City Council has directed staff and business operators to take several meaningful steps away from a waste-heavy, disposable culture. The comprehensive action plan focuses on reducing reliance on single-use items and removing barriers to the adoption of reusable cups.

PH8.3 – Zoning By-law Simplification and Modernization for Low-rise Residential Zones

Report recommendations were adopted that would remove barriers, ease administration, and enable the creation of more housing as part of the Housing Action Plan to achieve or exceed the provincial housing target of 285,000 new homes over the next 10 years.

PH8.16 – Amendments to Rental Demolition and Conversion By-law

Amendments were made in response to recommendations from the Auditor General respecting tenant access to affordable rental replacement housing based on financial need, and to improve administrative coordination. This included a recommendation from Councillor Saxe to consider protecting post-application demoviction tenants.

TE9.45 – 1404-1428 Yonge Street – Construction Staging Area

Councillor Saxe successfully led efforts to protect the Yonge Street bike lanes from being blocked for three years for condo development. The Construction Staging Area was referred back to committee.

CC13.7 – Uber Litigation – Limiting Private Transportation Company Driver Licences

The mayor has temporarily withdrawn the cap on rideshare licences, pending a staff report. The policy had sought to maintain the net total of vehicle-for-hire and private transportation company driver’s licences.

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