Councillor Dianne Saxe, Ward 11 University-Rosedale

Dr. Dianne Saxe, independent councillor of Toronto, has deep roots and wide networks in Ward 11, University-Rosedale.


For residents and businesses of Ward 11 and across Toronto

Dianne’s Desk

” I am here to fight for fairness, make our city more innovative, and take on climate change so that Toronto continues to shine for years to come.”

Dr Dianne Saxe, Councillor, Toronto Ward 11


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    My Priorities

    Affordable Housing in Walkable Neighbourhoods

    Affordable housing in walkable neighborhoods offers a unique fusion of affordability, accessibility, and community engagement. Residents enjoy the convenience of navigating their vibrant surroundings on foot, reducing transportation costs and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

    Action on Climate Change

    Addressing climate change involves a comprehensive approach that encompasses environmental, economic, and societal benefits. Implementing sustainable practices, such as transitioning to renewable energy sources, reducing carbon emissions, and enhancing energy efficiency, not only mitigates the impact of climate change but also generates economic opportunities.

    Climate Action Motions

    Transit Solutions and Road Safety

    Efficient and accessible public transportation reduces congestion and emissions, while well-designed bike paths and cycling infrastructure provide eco-friendly alternatives for commuting and recreation, promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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    Transportation Motions

    A City in Good Repair

    A city in good repair goes beyond routine maintenance by incorporating accessible design principles, ensuring that public spaces, transportation systems, and facilities cater to individuals of all abilities. This commitment to accessibility enhances the overall quality of life for residents, making it easier for everyone to navigate and enjoy the city.

    About Ward 11

    Dynamic, Diverse, and Ever-evolving

    Ward 11 in Toronto is a dynamic and diverse urban enclave that encapsulates the heart of the city’s cultural and economic vitality. Located in the central part of Toronto, Ward 11 encompasses a blend of residential neighbourhoods, commercial districts, and green spaces. With its mix of historic architecture and modern developments, the ward attracts a vibrant community of residents and businesses.

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    Motions and Amendments
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