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Your Ward 11 Councillor

Dr. Dianne Saxe is one of Canada’s most respected environmental and energy lawyers, with decades of experience as a non-partisan expert and advocate for municipalities, businesses, non-profits and individuals. 

Councillor Saxe was the last Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, the independent guardian of the Environmental Bill of Rights. In 2019, after she delivered 17 acclaimed reports to the Legislature on energy, environment, and climate, Doug Ford abolished her office.  These reports continue to remain highly relevant.


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Ward 11

I have 120 years of roots in beautiful University-Rosedale. My mother was born here, I was born here, and my children and grandchildren live here today. I went to school here and have worked on Bay, Beverly, and Bathurst. My synagogue, community centre, and volunteer work are all found in the ward. I spent two years canvassing the neighbourhood and speaking with thousands of residents about their challenges and hopes for a better city.

With an economically diverse range of dense rental housing and large lot homes, Ward 11 is a microcosm of the housing challenges facing Toronto. It is also a showcase of Toronto’s neighbourhood diversity, encompassing parts of Chinatown and Little Korea, as well as historic Portuguese, Italian, and Jewish communities. 

Encompassing both the University of Toronto campus and the provincial assembly, Ward 11 is a vital seat of leadership and learning for the city and province. It is integral to Toronto’s history and a showcase for its future. I value the essential insights of local residents’ associations and business improvement area associations across the ward and look forward to representing every one of you.