Constituent Supports

Constituent Supports

Constituents frequently reach out to the office of Councillor Saxe for information on city programs, supports, and resource links. Download our easy to read PDF documents for further information. Details for seniors are produced both in PDF and directly on this page.


Business Improvement Associations

Resource Links

The city of Toronto Resources portal offers information on legislation, health and safety, administration and services here.

Urgent resource links include:

To keep up with what’s happening or have your say on city government, visit the city’s local government information section.



Constituents frequently reach out to the office of Councillor Saxe for information on city programs, supports, and resource links. Download our easy to read PDF documents for further information. Details for seniors are produced both in PDF and directly on this page.

Governmental Directories

Municipal Directory of Services for Seniors and Caregivers 

Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors in Ontario 

Federal Programs and Services for Seniors

Municipal Resources

Key Phone Numbers

Toronto Seniors Helpline: 416-217-2077

211 Toronto: dial “211” on your phone

Emergencies: dial “911” on your phone 

Telehealth: 1-866-797-0000

City services: dial “311” on your phone

Toronto Central Healthline: 416-506-9888 ext 2555

Seniors Housing Services

The Toronto Seniors Helpline (416-217-2077) or 211 can help connect you to housing agencies and community services, as well as other resources such as Rent Bank.

Seniors-specific housing at a market rent:

  • Directly contact seniors housing providers, like TCHC and other not-for-profits
  • Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation (TSHC) provides subsidized rental housing in a state of good repair for approximately 14,000 low and moderate-income senior households in 83 senior-designated buildings, and supports aging in place through the delivery of an integrated service model. Contact 416-392-6177 or for more information. 
  • Look into Retirement Homes, which are privately owned and are best for seniors who can live with little or no outside help. 

Long-term care homes operated by the City of Toronto:

  • To learn about eligibility for long-term care placement, contact Home and Community Care Support Services at 310-2222 (no area code required).

Supportive Housing Services

This program is a community-based service promoting independent living to eligible residents in designated buildings. None of these buildings are in Ward 11, but they may apply to people you know outside of the Ward. The program offers the stability and safety of intermittent 24-hour support and an on-site Registered Practical Nurse. More information can be found by calling 416-392-8579, or seeing their website here:

Toronto HomeShare

Toronto HomeShare is a program run by the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly. Toronto HomeShare matches seniors wishing to share a spare room in their home with university and college students seeking affordable housing. For general inquiries, please call 1-800-786-9773 (extension 2) or email

Homemakers & Nurses Services

The City offers this program for low-income seniors. It includes light housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping and meal preparation. Get more information by emailing or calling 416-392-8579. 

Improve or Maintain Your Home

Seniors Transportation, Mobility, & Traveling Safely


  • Seniors who are 65 years or older are eligible for a different TTC fare 
  • Wheel-Trans provides a safe and reliable accessible transportation option for persons with disabilities to travel with freedom and dignity

Other Transportation Services for Seniors

  • There are many not for profit and private agencies that offer rides to and from medical appointments or other locations for seniors. Call 211 or the Toronto Seniors Helpline (416-217-2077) to learn more.

Medical Items, Devices & Supplies

Fall Prevention for Older Adults

Toronto Public Health offers information and training to agencies serving seniors to reduce the risk of falling in older adults. For more information, call 416-338-7600 or email You can also register for this program here:

Seniors Recreation & Things To Do

Toronto Public Library: Offers a number of different programs for seniors  including speaker’s series, courses to improve digital literacy and much more. For more information call the Toronto Public Library Answerline at 416-393-7131. Toronto Public Library also provides home delivery  to seniors who are homebound for three months or longer. For more information, please call 416-395-5557.

Recreation Program Discount: Older adults aged 60+ who register for adult programs will receive a 50 per cent discount. Contact Client Services at 416-396-7378 for additional information. There are no free centres in Ward 11, but a City-wide list can be found here:

Older Adult Recreational Programs: Older adult programming is available at all recreation centres across the city. A list of all recreation centres in Toronto can be found here:

Provincial Resources

Long-term care in Ontario

For advice, support or to apply now, contact your local Home and Community Care Support Services organization.

  • Ontario’s 14 Home and Community Care Support Services organizations coordinate in-home and community-based care for thousands of patients across the province every day. More information can be found here:
  • Call 310-2222 (no area code required)

Seniors Active Living Centre

Seniors Active Living Centre programs offer social, cultural, learning and recreational programs for older adults. Click the following link and scroll to “Enter a city, address or complete postal code.” There, you can input your address to find the closest centre near you. More information can be found here:  Locations in Ward 11 include:

  • Senior Mile Club, 25 Brunswick Avenue
  • St. Stephen’s Community House, 91 Bellevue Avenue
  • Sunshine @ Davenport, 250 Davenport Road

Assistive Devices Program

The Assistive Devices Program helps people with long-term physical disabilities pay for customized equipment. More information can be found here: For questions, you can contact

Federal Resources

Guaranteed Income Supplement

The Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) is a monthly payment through the federal government you can get if you are 65 or older. More information can be found here:

The New Horizons for Seniors Program

This program provides funding for projects that make a difference in the lives of seniors and in their communities. It also: 

  • Promotes volunteerism among seniors and other generations
  • Engages seniors in the community through the mentoring of others
  • Expands awareness of elder abuse, including financial abuse
  • Supports the social participation and inclusion of seniors
  • Provides capital assistance for new and existing community projects and programs for seniors

More information can be found here:

Age Well At Home

This initiative is a new federal grants and contributions program. The funding supports projects that enable seniors to age in place. Eligible organizations can find more information here: If you know of a program in your community which provides any of the eligible services listed on the website, please share this resource with them. 

Non-Profit and Charity Resources (Ward 11)

Ward Centres 

Blackhurst Cultural Centre: Shake Up Your Life! is a weekly program run by Blackhurst Cultural Centre that welcomes older adults of African and Caribbean descent to meet, invoke memory, have fun and partake in various activities. More information can be found here:  You can contact the centre at 416.901.7720 or

Korean Senior Citizens Society: The drop-in centre offers services for Korean Seniors. Services include: recreation and education programs, counseling, translation and interpretation, assistance in filling out forms and income tax clinics, English as a Second Language classes, computer classes, and more. Information can be found here: You can also contact the society at or 416-532-8077. 

Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre: This centre provides opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to be active, learn, connect and participate in a wide range of cultural experiences. Their programs list can be accessed here:

Native Canadian Centre of Toronto: The Senior’s Program is designed to provide a supportive environment through the delivery of client centered services enabling them to live independently in their homes. More information can be found here: You can contact the program manager at 416-964-9087 x304 or

The Neighbourhood Group: Active Seniors programs available for free, including cooking classes, workshops, day trips, celebrations, singing, dancing, and more. Information can be found here:  You can contact them at 416.924.2103 x3110. 

Syrian Community Centre of Toronto: The centre offers numerous activities and projects for seniors to live well and be well.  They also organize a Seniors’ Club in Mississauga and Etobicoke. You can contact them through their website here: Contact Us – Syrian Community Center (SCC) (

Links and Other Resources

SeniorToronto: a not-for-profit website which assists seniors to access continuing education courses; affordable entertainment; recreational, fitness and social programs; senior discounts; ways to make a difference in the community; and many opportunities for personal development and growth. The website can be accessed here:

Society of Sharing: a non-profit organization that mobilizes volunteers to serve isolated, housebound and lonely seniors in Toronto’s inner-city. They provide friendly visits, escorting programs, and socialization groups. Their website can be accessed here: They can also be contacted at or 416 413 0380.

The 519

COSTI Housing Services for Seniors

Free and Low Cost Physical Activity Programs for Adults in Toronto (UHN)

Seniors Helpline Webchat