Councillor Saxe’s work for University-Rosedale comprises the monthly City Council sessions as well as a number of crucial committee appointments, including Infrastructure and Environment, Toronto Hydro, the TTC, and the Toronto & East York Community Council. These efforts touch on all the aspects of planning and development that make up city life. Listed here are the councillor’s motions, amendments, and seconds to motions, as well as reports specific to Ward 11 to which she has contributed. This list is dynamic so be sure to check back for updates.


Linked Agenda ItemAction SummaryDate Council Approved
IE1.8 – Update on the Transition of Toronto’s Blue Bin Recycling Program to Extended Producer ResponsibilityCity to write to AMO/ province requesting various improvements to recycling regulations. City to consider recycling mattressesJanuary 30, 2023
IE1.11 – Net Zero Actions UpdateReport on progress implementing 40 approved NetZero actions, including on ban of 2 stroke enginesJanuary 30, 2023
IE2.9 – Ravine Slope StabilizationEvaluate options to have owners backing on eroding ravines contribute to slope stabilization work when deemed necessary by TRCA. Schedule for development of Yellow Creek Master PlanMarch 20, 2023
EX3.3 – Amended and Restated Master Agreement with the Canadian National Exhibition Association, Exhibition Place and City of TorontoAdded achieving TransformTO as part of the mandate of the CNEMarch 29, 2023
EX3.4 – City of Toronto Relationship Framework for the Toronto Parking AuthorityAdded achieving TransformTO as part of the mandate of the Toronto Parking AuthorityMarch 29, 2023
MM5.1 – Climate and fiduciary duties of OMERSInvite OMERS to present to IEC how it is meeting its fiduciary responsibilities on climate actionMarch 29, 2023
TE4.29 – 6 Follis Avenue – Application to Remove a Private TreeDenial of tree removalApril 12, 2023
IE3.3 – TransformTO 2022 Annual Report: Laying the Foundation for Net ZeroStaff to collaborate across our region and advocate to other levels of government, including on Clean Electricity Regulations. Also to evaluate options to make Version 5 of Toronto Green Standards “no gas”.May 10, 2023
IE3.4 – Carbon Accountability: Institutionalizing Governance, a Carbon Budget and an Offset Credits PolicyStrengthen Carbon Accountability system with restrictions on purchasing voluntary (often poor quality) offsetsMay 10, 2023
IE 3.5 The Sustainable City of Toronto Fleets Plan (2023 Update and Status Report)Move some city staff work from motor vehicles to bicyclesMay 10, 2023
IE4.1 – Long-Term Residual Waste Management Options for the City of TorontoInstead of authorizing waste incineration, insist on stronger focus on waste reduction, detailed public consultation before proposing incinerationJune 14, 2023
EX6.1 – Review of City of Toronto Guiding Principles for Executive Compensation Policies at City Agencies and CorporationsDirect boards of city agencies and corporations to include TransformTO in metrics for CEO compensationJuly 19, 2023
MM8.38 – Expanding the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program Eligibility Criteria to include Registered Owners of Existing Residential FourplexesEvaluate extending the subsidy to fourplexes, now that they are allowed across the cityJuly 19, 2023
IE5.1 – Two-Stroke Engine Small Equipment: Steps to Pursue a BanApproval in principle to ban Two-Stroke Engines, and to work with community groups to ease the transitionJuly 19, 2023
MM11.39 – Protecting the Process for Tree Removal at Ontario PlaceSteps to protect City-owned trees at Ontario PlaceOctober 11, 2023
IE6.6 – Consumption-based Emissions Inventory and Cool Food Pledge CommitmentsIncrease progress reporting on Toronto’s consumption-based emissions, evaluate option to cut beef purchases (Plant-based purchasing savings for City and climate)October 11, 2023
IE6.10 – Prioritization of Green Building Standards in Ontario Building CodeRequest province to move authority for Toronto Green Standards from site plan control to the Ontario Building Code so that the current version applies when the building code is sought, i.e. require buildings to use the most current standardOctober 11, 2023
MM11.25 – Supporting Sustainable Energy Storage in the Port LandsSupport battery storage at the Portlands to decrease need to make electricity by burning gasOctober 11, 2023
MM12.4 – Youth Climate CorpsRequest federal government to create Youth Climate CorpsNovember 8, 2023
IE9.10 – Reducing Bird Deaths by Turning off Lights during MigrationResume practice (abandoned in 2014) of turning off lights in city buildings during bird migration.November 29, 2023
IE9.3 – Update and Action Plan on the Single-Use and Takeaway Items Reduction Strategy, including the Circular Food Innovators FundReport back on city options to regulate/ ban more plastic single use items, now that the federal plastic regulations have been ruled invalid, and to focus more on reducing plastic litterNovember 29, 2023
IE9.5 – Proposed Building Emissions Performance Reporting By-LawMore frequent progress reporting, clarification of timing of reports by property owners. Strong support for principle and actionNovember 29, 2023
IE9.6 – Community Support Options for Zero-Emissions Landscape EquipmentSome info about community collaboration options, see IE 5.1November 29, 2023
IE9.7 – Update: City Renewable Energy ProgramsEvaluate zoning and permitting changes to make installation easier of solar, heat pumps, storageNovember 29, 2023
PH8.6 – Growing Space for Trees: Protecting and Enhancing the Tree Canopy While Supporting Infill HousingReview and report back, change CofANovember 30, 2023
Peace Tree ParkPark purchaseTBD


Linked Agenda ItemAction SummaryDate Council Approved
IE1.12 – Options for Permitting Private Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure on Public StreetsReview and report backJanuary 30, 2023
IE1.4 – Cycling Network Plan: 2021 ActiveTO Cycling Network Expansion Project UpdatesMake permanent the Yonge Street Midtown bike lanes, despite opposition by Mayor Tory. added request for neighbourhood traffic study to improve conditions on residential streets.February 7, 2023
IE2.6 – Modernizing Bike Share Toronto Rate StructureCreate 100 BikeShare memberships for people on ODSP which include unlimited e-bike use at no extra charge. Allow BikeShare memberships to be paid for over 3 months (Recs 2, 4)March 20, 2023
IE2.8 – Request for First Year Review of Winter Maintenance Contracts and Addressing Obstructed Sidewalks with Snow and IceReview and report backMarch 20, 2023
IE2.7 – College Street Bikeways ExtensionStudy College West bike lane extensionMarch 29, 2023
MM5.7 Micromobility Couriers (sidewalk safety)Report on how to deter dangerous riding of motorized vehicles by couriers on the sidewalkMarch 29, 2023
TE4.66 – Pedestrian Safety on Avenue Road, Bloor Street to St. Clair Avenue WestReduce speed limit, press ahead with long-awaited Avenue Road safety study and include detailed proposals for short term improvementsMay 10, 2023
IE3.9 – Pre-2008 Diesel Engine VehiclesIdentify, minimize use, decommission, replaceMay 10, 2023
IE3.8 – Cycling Network Plan: 2023 Cycling Infrastructure Installation – Second Quarter Updates and Missing Sidewalk Program – 2023 Local Road Sidewalk InstallationsRequest proposal to increase fines for vehicles that block bike lanes, establishing a citizen enforcement system similar to NYCMay 10, 2023
TE5.33 – Realignment of Permit Parking Area 5E to Exclude the Development Located at 208 Bloor Street WestExclude parking permit availability for new residents in the developmentJune 14, 2023
TE6.54 – Kensington Market Safe Streets Implementation: Prioritizing Pedestrians in Kensington MarketPedestrian priority in Kensington Market after watermain repair and road reconstructionJune 22, 2023
TE6.100 – Borden Street Reconstruction ProjectReduce parking to make room for street treesJune 22, 2023
IE5.5 – Planning for an E-Scooter PilotEvaluate a publicly owned e-scooter rental pilot with sidewalk prevention technologyJuly 19, 2023
IE5.6 – Streetscape Design GapsDirect Transportation and Planning to work together to propose how to design streets in transition, such as DupontJuly 19, 2023
TE7.70 – Ramsden Park Road Speed LimitChange speed limit to 15 km/hr as requested by ABCRASeptember 19, 2023
TE7.52 – Parking Amendments – Melville Avenue, between Shaw Street and Christie StreetDiscontinue alternate-side parkingSeptember 19, 2023
TE7.53 – Parking Amendments – Roxborough Street WestReducing the length of the existing bollard median for pick-up/drop-off spaceSeptember 19, 2023
TTC item 11: A Step Towards Free Transit for Middle and High School Students – by Commissioner Dianne Saxe, seconded by Commissioner Paul Ainslie (For Action)Review and report on options for free offpeak school trips for middle and secondary student groupsSeptember 26, 2023
IE6.2 – On-Street Paid Parking Pilot – Mobile Only ZonesPropose increased fines for illegal on-street parkingOctober 11, 2023
GG6.25 – Increase in Parking Violation Notice Penalty Amount on Municipal / Private PropertyIncrease excessively low parking fines that reward lawbreakingOctober 11, 2023
TE7.56 – Realignment of Permit Parking Area 5D to Exclude the Development Located at 374-390 Dupont StreetExclude parking permit availability for new residents in the developmentOctober 11, 2023
TE7.57 – Realignment of Permit Parking Area 5D to Exclude the Development Located at 145 St. George StreetExclude parking permit availability for new residents in the developmentOctober 11, 2023
TE7.58 – Realignment of Permit Parking Area 5E to Exclude the Development Located at 148-158 Avenue Road and 220-234 Davenport RoadExclude parking permit availability for new residents in the developmentOctober 11, 2023
IE7.7 – On-street Parking for Cargo BikesEvaluate options for on-street parking of E-cargo bikes for garage orphansOctober 25, 2023
IE7.2 – Congestion Management Plan 2023-2026Expand construction hub in Ward 11. Evaluate increased road encroachment fees for developers that interfere with TTC buses,November 8, 2023
IE7.3 – Free-Floating Car-Share Program – Increase Access to the Number of PermitsEvaluate opportunities to make free floating car share vehicles available city-wideNovember 8, 2023
IE7.4 – Updates on Vision Zero Road Safety Initiatives – New Traffic Calming Policy, Community Safety Zone Criteria, Zebra Marking Policy, Approach to Area-Based Speed Limit Reductions and Related Council RequestsApprove pilot project to use mobile automated licence plate readers to protect vulnerable road users, esp to ticket vehicles that block bike lanes. To be paid for out of the extra ticket revenue. Results in overall parking review.November 8, 2023
TE8.53 – Permit Parking Exclusions – Various Properties in Ward 11Exclude parking permit availability for new residents in the developmentNovember 9, 2023
TE9.59 – Realignment of Permit Parking Area 5H to Exclude the Development Located at 1080-1088 Yonge StreetExclude parking permit availability for new residents in the developmentNovember 15, 2023
TE9.62 – Vehicle Width Restriction – Lane north of Dundas Street West, west of Montrose AvenueProhibit vehicle accessNovember 15, 2023
TE9.68 – Speed Hump Installation and Speed Limit Reduction – Hallam Street between Ossington Avenue and Shaw StreetSpeed hump installationNovember 15, 2023
IE9.2 – Single-Space Meters – Various LocationsAvoid creating free parking, provide alternate payment options when obsolete single space meters are decommissionedNovember 29, 2023


Linked Agenda ItemAction SummaryDate Council Approved
TE2.7 – 100 Davenport Road – Zoning By-law Amendment Application – Appeal ReportFebruary 7, 2023
TE4.47 – 60 Yorkville Avenue – Encroachment Appeal – Canopy and Terrace AdditionApril 12, 2023
TE4.10 – 208 Bloor Street West – Zoning By-law Amendment ApplicationMay 10, 2023
TE4.15 – 21-31 Sherbourne Street North – Part Lot Control Exemption ApplicationMay 10, 2023
TE4.24 – 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 Charles Street West; 11, 13 Irwin Avenue; 10 Isabella Street, 145 St. Luke Lane and 750 and 756 Yonge Street – Inclusion of 11 Properties on the Heritage RegisterMay 10, 2023
TE5.5 – 124 Bedford Road – Zoning By-law Amendment ApplicationJune 14, 2023
TE5.10 – 15-19 Bloor Street West – Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment Application – Decision Report – RefusalJune 14, 2023
TE5.45 – 374-390 Dupont Street – Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment ApplicationJune 14, 2023
TE5.44 – 100 College Street – Revising Heritage Designation StatusJune 14, 2023
TE6.9 – 145 St. George Street – Zoning By-law Amendment and Rental Housing Demolition ApplicationsJuly 19, 2023
TE6.8 – 148-158 Avenue Road and 220-234 Davenport Road – Zoning By-law AmendmentJuly 19, 2023
TE6.10 – 1080-1088 Yonge Street – Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment ApplicationJuly 19, 2023
TE6.11 – 1087-1091 Yonge Street and 9 Price Street – Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment ApplicationJuly 19, 2023
TE6.32 – 1191 Bathurst Street, 6-12 Cawthra Square, 21-37 Kensington Avenue, and 171 Lowther Avenue – Inclusion on the Heritage RegisterJuly 19, 2023
TE6.29 – 224 Davenport Road – Alterations to a Heritage Property and Authority to Enter into a Heritage Easement AgreementJuly 19, 2023
2023.CC8.23 – 906 Yonge Street and 25 McMurrich Street – Zoning By-law AmendmentSeptember 6, 2023
TE7.12 – 38 Walmer Road and 188 Lowther Avenue – Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Control Applications – AppealOctober 11, 2023
MM11.26 – Amending Item CC45.21 – 717 Church Street and 85, 89, 93 and 97 Collier Street – Zoning By-law Amendment Application – Request for Further Directions Regarding Ontario Land Tribunal HearingOctober 11, 2023
TE8.22 – Encroachment Appeal – Basement Walkout Appeal – 459 Ossington AvenueOctober 18, 2023
TE8.1 – 64 Prince Arthur Avenue – Zoning By-law Amendment ApplicationNovember 8, 2023
CC12.12 – 350 Bloor Street East – Alterations to a Designated Heritage PropertyNovember 8, 2023
TE9.23 – 219-221 Roxton Road – Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment ApplicationNovember 15, 2023

Section 37

Linked Agenda ItemAction SummaryDate Council Approved
MM6.15 – Authorization to Release Section 37 Funds to Street Haven for a Healing GardenHealing garden for women undergoing addiction treatmentMay 10, 2023
MM6.27 – Authorization to Release Section 37 Funds to St. Clare’s Multifaith Housing Society for improvements to the landscaping at 138 Pears AvenueLandscapingMay 10, 2023
MM6.19 – Authorization to Release Section 37 Funds for Adult Exercise Equipment in Jean Sibelius Square ParkAdult exercise equipment in Sibelius ParkMay 10, 2023
MM7.39 – Authorization to Release Section 37 Funds from the Development at 316 Bloor Street WestBloor Cycle Tracks, Spadina to Avenue RoadJune 14, 2023
MM7.33 – Authorization to Release Section 37 Funds from the Development at 1 Bloor Street West to St. Clare’s MultiFaith Housing for the construction of a new theatre and rehearsal space at 877 Yonge StreetTheatre for Nightwood Theatre and Tapestry OperaJune 14, 2023
MM11.18 – Authorization to Release Section 37 and Section 42 Above 5 percent Cash-in-lieu Funds for Lighting Improvements to the Village of Yorkville ParkLighting / safety improvements in Yorkville ParkOctober 11, 2023
MM11.8 – Authorization to Release Section 37 Funds to Toronto Parking Authority for installation of an E-Station at Toronto Parking Authority Carpark 195 at 15 Price StreetInstallation of e-bike station, supporting rapid expansion of e-bike use in our areaOctober 11, 2023
MM11.17 – Authorization to Release Section 37 Funds to City Planning for a University Avenue Heritage Study, from the Development at 180-188 University Avenue (Ward 10)Heritage study leading to Univeristy ParkOctober 11, 2023
EX9.4 – Development Charges Credit – 334 – 350 Bloor Street WestAllow developer to use transit development charges to build expanded Spadina subway entrance and Line 2 concourseNovember 2, 2023
TE9.69 – Re-allocating dormant Section 37 funds within Ward 11For dormant s. 37 funds more than 10 years old and with no current use plan, will add climate-smart affordable housing as an additional permitted use. Will allow reallocation of funds earmarked for TTC among TTC stations in Ward 11.November 15, 2023


Linked Agenda ItemAction SummaryDate Council Approved
CC2.1 – 2023 Housing Action PlanDevelop 2022-2026 Housing Action PlanDecember 14, 2022
GG3.16 – Facilities Management ServicesRestore hours cut from our lowest paid part time cleaners, give them access to full time jobsMay 10, 2023
MM6.23 – Indigenous Procurement PolicyStaff to develop indigenous procurement policyMay 10, 2023
TE4.67 – Summer Closure of a portion of Bellair Street for CaféTORoad closureMay 10, 2023
IE4.5 – Pickleball Play in TorontoDeveloping a plan to better manage the explosive growth of pickleball, in consultation with a stakeholder advisory groupJune 5, 2023
MM7.17 – Graphic Image DeliveryStaff to propose how to protect residents from unwanted graphic anti-abortion propaganda, at least require it to be in a sealed envelope with warningJune 14, 2023
MM7.8 – Request to Implement an Adequate Temperature By-lawEvaluate and report options both summer and winter, including option for those tenants without air conditioning to obtain cool-cooking applicances such as induction, plus access to cooling centre in the buildingJune 14, 2023
TE6.71 – Appointment of Public Members to the William H. (Bill) Bolton Arena BoardBoard nominationJune 22, 2023
EC5.1 – Alcohol in Parks Pilot ProgramPermit alcohol in parks pilot in Queen’s Park and Christie PitsJuly 19, 2023
TE7.67 – Appointments to the Board of Management of the Cecil Community CentreBoard nominationSeptember 19, 2023
MM11.16 – Rental Demolition Permits and Market RentalsClarify whether city can protect tenants by compelling developers to deliver additional market rental apartments as a condition of rental demoliton permitsOctober 11, 2023
TE7.77 – Granting Temporary Exemption to Mokaben Inc. and By The Way Café from components of Chapter 742 and Chapter 693 of the City of Toronto Municipal CodeExemptionOctober 11, 2023
EX9.3 – Generational Transformation of Toronto’s Housing System to Urgently Build More Affordable HomesRequest no fossil gas in new affordable housing projectsNovember 8, 2023
MM12.28 – Hate Speech and Other Hate Activities – by Councillor James Pasternak, seconded by Councillor Dianne SaxeRequest Police Services Board to direct police to do more about hate speech, not just about immediate physical violenceNovember 8, 2023
TE9.78 – Appointment to Fill a Vacancy on the Community Centre Board of ManagementBoard nominationNovember 15, 2023
TA4.8 – Direct Investment Request 2023 EApproval of investment in an innovative financing structure designed to enable Vehicle-for-Hire drivers to purchase electric vehiclesNovember 21, 2023
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